"We're far too young to die."

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Multifandom, personal. I enjoy suffering. Main fandoms right now: Hunter x Hunter, Tokyo Ghoul, Kagerou Project, and Haikyuu!!.



coff coff, KageHina palette


Here, have some KageHina///v//

idk If I should also do a reversed image of it so everyone can see hinata better ouo;;; should I?



Tried to go for messier and thinner lines. I think it looks more like a manga now XD.


Day 1314   - 23 July 2014

"Please take your time!" 

Barista!Kaneki doodles


"You shouldn’t consider that thing to be a member of the family.”


1st year volleyball kiss mates oh nooo

super scribbly messy comic of a thing i had stuck in my head since yesterday to get me into a drawing mood for today!!

"Leave everything to me. I’ll protect everyone. I won’t let anyone else be killed."